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This course is perfect for entrepreneurs, new bloggers, or anyone looking to take their website to the next level.

In this course...

Fundamentals of SEO are taught through a series of video lessons, text, and supplemental documents. Each lesson dives deep into the core of SEO, to give you the most relevant, research based, and current strategies and concepts.

  • Develop an informed approach for increasing organic traffic to your business.

  • Use keyword research to drive organic traffic to your website

  • Incorporate core SEO strategies. and tactics into your business model.

  • Optimize content, images, and off page data.

  • Understand readers behavior and intent.

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"My rankings went from an average of 75+ to under 13, and I got 459 organic clicks in just a month and a half!"

"I had my very first keyword rank on the first page of Google after implementing these strategies! It went from a rank of over 100 to #4!!!"

"Before I started this course I was getting virtually ZERO clicks from organic searches. Now I am getting 40+ clicks a DAY!"

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About the Instructor

    • About this course

  • 2

    What is SEO?

    • SEO Overview- What is it?

    • SEO: How does it work?

  • 3

    Keyword Research

    • What is Keyword Research + How to Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

    • Analyzing Keyword Research Data + Keyword Research Tools

    • Keyword Placement

  • 4

    On-Page SEO

    • Meta Description, Title Tags, & Header Tags

    • In Content SEO

    • Image Optimization

    • Updating Old Posts for SEO

  • 5

    Technical + Off Page SEO

    • Page Speed

    • Backlinks

    • Sitemaps

    • robots.txt and Duplicate Content

  • 6

    Wrap up

    • Additional Resources

    • Your Feedback

    • What's Next?

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